Moonlight Shadow

The moonlight had carried her to the riverbanks. There, she had been swept away, believing she was safe in its magical light. It was not long before she became trapped in its shimmering reflection. She tried to draw breath but found that she could not. A man on a white horse watched from the bridge. He admired her beauty with sadness before turning and riding away. The trees lowered their branches to help her. She reached for them desperately, her outstretched fingers only close enough to brush the tangled vines.

The moon continued to sing its hypnotic melody; the flowers turned their faces away from the blue light.

Her cries went ignored as she pleaded for anyone to save her.

No one came.

She never should have followed the Moonlight Shadow, someone commented. She felt the blame wash over her and she knew that it was hopeless, the act was entirely her fault. She stopped fighting, no longer able to find the strength. She accepted her fate and eventually let go of all struggle. As she disappeared beneath the black surface her spirit floated towards to the sky, still drawn to the glittering light of the moon.

Such a pity, was all that they said and quickly forgot about it. The flora and fauna were the last to mourn her as they released their leaves and petals into the night sky. Those who walked the forest at night could often hear the wailing cries said to come from the Lady of the Lake who, seduced by the light of the moon, was not the first to drown in its shadow.