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Tag: doodles


one thing i learnt about holidays is that alone time is good time. sometimes it’s easy to get bored when you’re stuck at home and you can’t see your best […]

i was just wondering 

i was just wondering, how much time do i spend on certain things? what time do I waste just looking through social media? scrolling through endless instagram posts. wondering if […]

two’s company, alone is better…

sometimes you can be there and not really be there. everyone knows those moments. you could be at a crowded party but your brain is alone in a dark room […]


so what happened? i checked his phone you didn’t? i did and? dozens of messages? of women! no! yes. saying what? (shows phone) oh god i know did you recognise […]

how do i relax and stop worrying?

so recently i have been trying these meditation courses. it’s an app based course so i don’t need to be in an incense, hippy filled room. i am a person […]

are you afraid of the dark?

somewhere out there exists a stat that claims a high proportion of grown ups get married just so they wont have to live alone. “what’s wrong with living alone?” i […]

lost in a daydream

howdy from vomit town! i have been sick for the past two days. the problem with being sick is that you don’t get to enjoy your time off. it’s not […]

what it feels like for a girl

sometimes, being a girl means following certain rules. these rules can be as small as: ‘keep your knees together when you’re wearing a skirt’. always carry a tissue so that […]