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Tag: diary


reading my old diaries made me realise that, damn, things just haven’t changed. the insecurities and uncertainties are exactly the same. no matter how many positive body images we are […]


my friends and i were always pretty tame. i spent my teenage years oblivious to the fact that i was missing out. i was much happier staying at home drawing or […]


one thing i learnt about holidays is that alone time is good time. sometimes it’s easy to get bored when you’re stuck at home and you can’t see your best […]

i was just wondering 

i was just wondering, how much time do i spend on certain things? what time do I waste just looking through social media? scrolling through endless instagram posts. wondering if […]

oh the goofiness of me 

i can laugh at myself – i really can. and I normally pick friends (the few that I have) who can laugh at themselves also. people who take themselves too […]

two’s company, alone is better…

sometimes you can be there and not really be there. everyone knows those moments. you could be at a crowded party but your brain is alone in a dark room […]

lost in a daydream

howdy from vomit town! i have been sick for the past two days. the problem with being sick is that you don’t get to enjoy your time off. it’s not […]