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Category: retro


i cannot promise anything no and i cannot guarantee… i understand there is definitely something you can feel it? oh yes it’s been so… i know, i know do you […]


stand there.     must i? yes but i really hate… come on now you know i don’t like seeing myself you’re mad, beautiful as you are you’re manipulating me […]


amazing.   so good. that bit where… yes, yes, yes. goosebumps. shivers. i nearly crapped myself. when’s the next one? not for another two years. what will we do? read […]


thanks ever so much…     do come in. it’s awful out there… it has started to snow? heavily. my car skidded into a ditch, i followed the road and saw […]


go on, give us one     when will you buy your own? just one go on. ta so how’s the job? it pays the bills that thrilling. it’s not […]


why can’t i have one?   what’s it for? writing you have a computer it’s not the same why on earth not? it’s not as romantic i am not convinced […]

Copenhagen why so blue

misty fog. melancholy. spooky. my favourite descriptive words when it comes to a city. returning to the mother land the place where I was born has been nostalgic. it has […]

the end of

  more melancholy pictures, I just can’t help myself. i don’t even like summer that much. i find the heat really irritating, incapacitating. and yet, and yet. here i am. […]