what does it mean – made for girls? girls will like this. this product is aimed at girls. bic biro released pens specially made for women. what? ‘this pen is […]

i was just wondering 

i was just wondering, how much time do i spend on certain things? what time do I waste just looking through social media? scrolling through endless instagram posts. wondering if […]

oh the goofiness of me 

i can laugh at myself – i really can. and I normally pick friends (the few that I have) who can laugh at themselves also. people who take themselves too […]

two’s company, alone is better…

sometimes you can be there and not really be there. everyone knows those moments. you could be at a crowded party but your brain is alone in a dark room […]

surviving the pretty girls 

everyone has them. that group. those girls. they aren’t liked, they’re feared. you have nothing in common with them, but be honest, you would give your left arm to hang […]


so what happened? i checked his phone you didn’t? i did and? dozens of messages? of women! no! yes. saying what? (shows phone) oh god i know did you recognise […]

how do i relax and stop worrying?

so recently i have been trying these meditation courses. it’s an app based course so i don’t need to be in an incense, hippy filled room. i am a person […]

a not so modern day imagine

i would like you to imagine a world. imagine a world where black people were the masters and white people were the slaves. what would that world look like? what […]

are you afraid of the dark?

somewhere out there exists a stat that claims a high proportion of grown ups get married just so they wont have to live alone. “what’s wrong with living alone?” i […]