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I started this blog six years ago. I initially wanted a place to post my writing. It then turned into a scrapbook of poems, short stories, drawings and photographs. Since then I have (hopefully) evolved, so I have gone back to the beginning and started from scratch. I should probably clarify that I am not a professional artist or writer or poet. I enjoy all of them immensely but sadly I do not get paid to enjoy them. I’m not even sure if people will read it and if they do, whether they will like it. I hope so, but taste is personal and I cannot please everyone (or anyone). So if you have stumbled across my page, either from a misguided search or intentionally, I hope you will spend a little bit of time to visit and explore. I imagine myself offering you a cup of tea and a squishy armchair by the fire. On the off chance that you like what you see, let me know. Give me the digital thumbs up or a friendly note and I hope to see you again soon.

Illustrations & Cartoons

I have been drawing as long as I have been able to pick up a pen. Cartoons have always been a creative outlet for me to express myself and comment on the world around me (usually with a sense of humour). I experiment with many different styles and constantly seek to evolve and improve my work. During the pandemic when London was going in and out of extensive periods of lockdown, I signed up to numerous classes to help me hone my skills. There is no denying that COVID 19 has proved a challenge, but despite all the difficulties I believe something good came out of it. I always found that lack of time was my biggest excuse to not sit down and work on the things that I loved doing. Now time is the only thing I seem to have in abundance and I want to use it wisely and to feed my soul.


Something I have always enjoyed and aspired to be better at. I have never felt particularly confident with prose and I envy people who take to writing as easily as a bride takes to weeping on her wedding day. Composing poems is my comfort zone and I started a separate blog during lockdown solely dedicated to my poetry. I know that I will never be the next Atwood but that doesn’t mean I cannot indulge myself and hone the craft. Long periods of solitude gave me the perfect opportunity to do this and I am grateful for the time I was gifted.


If I am being completely honest I think the love of cameras came before the love of taking pictures. Recently I have been letting go of a lot of possessions in my life so I have sold many items, but collecting film cameras was one of my hobbies for many years. I didn’t let go of everything, I kept my Rolleicord, my Canon AE-1, a Nikon Super8 and a medium format Mamiya. When I have a little bit more space (I currently live in a one bedroom apartment in Camden) I intend to buy a beautiful glass cabinet where I can display these mechanical works of art.


When I was 17, my grandfather gave me his deck of Tarot cards. They were from his childhood and they had been given to him by his grandmother. Whether you believe in such things or not, performing a reading is something that I personally find very relaxing and therapeutic. A lot of the time we already know the answers the questions that we have and a spiritual reading can be a way of focusing and arriving at solutions.


Boonie is a mini Lion Head lop rabbit. He is over ten years old and has been with me since he was a baby. My little friend and companion he is so much more than just a pet rabbit. I hate putting animals in cages so my bunnies are free to roam the house untroubled. Contrary to popular belief they can be litter trained and are very quick to learn routine and good habits. His favourite game is hide and go seek and his favourite treats are kale and strawberries.


MoMo has been Boonie’s friend and companion for the last five years. As a baby she was very shy and timid and it took a lot of time for her to build trust towards humans. Now she is as affectionate and as playful as Boonie providing much love and entertainment. Her favourite treats are whatever she can steal from Boonie and she prefers to hide instead of seek.


Boonie’s first love. Very sadly, Stevie died from a stroke five years ago when she was still young (I never knew how old exactly when I adopted her). Having been cruelly mistreated and dumped by the side of a motorway, Stevie was the friendliest and most gentle creature who only showed affection towards humans. She still lives in my heart and will always be remembered as a fun loving and playful little bunny.

Best friends forever…

Oh simple thing, where have you gone?

Somewhere only we know, Keane
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