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Thirteen. What an age to be. Some people consider 13 to be an unlucky number. Well it might well be.
Hormones raging and boy dazing. Life isn’t easy at thirteen. It’s difficult when people don’t understand you aren’t old enough, when of course you are. 
Acting out irrationally, trying to be what you think an adult really is. Actions won’t be regretted. Actions are part of the experience. Actions make you daring and who you are.
Listening gets you nowhere. Because well really, what do these people know? Listening is boring. Listening is dull. Listening leads to long lows. 
A thirteen year old self would act. An adult self (which i may be now) listens. What I learned today is sometimes you need to listen…

Listen to your thirteen year old self

Their actions have affected you and made you 
Actions strike thunder 

Sometimes thunder needs to strike
A thirteen year old me after all knows certain actions lead to delight.

written by Ariella de lune

drawing by coraviolet 

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