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i just wanna be a kid again

stranger things has brought it all back. dungeons and dragons. super human powers. bicycles and backpacks. when I was a kid, i used to make up games as i went along. it wasn’t about changing the rules so that i could win. it was about changing the pace and the flow depending on the mood of the players. some friends would just not get it. they liked hard and fast rules from the start. others were more adaptable and open minded. they enjoyed the feeling of not knowing. they liked that I was in control and, like a story teller, i would decide the ending. the winning and losing was inconsequential, it was about how much fun you had throughout the whole experience. the bigger your imagination, the bigger and better the game grew. card games were taken to a whole other level just by adding a few simple additions.

my parents had no time for games. don’t get me wrong, they loved a casino but drew the line at Lego and battleships. kids today are totally doted on and it pisses me off. it’s like it’s illegal to let your kid get bored or something. the best of all my ingenuity came from being stick-pins-in-my-eyes bored. i can remember begging my parents for a solid two years to get me a gamboy. finally, on my tenth birthday, it happened. it only came with one game – tetris – but i loved it and cherished it every single waking moment of my life beyond measure. my best friend and i took it turns to play. this was special. when i died in the game, it would then be her turn. when she died, she would hand it back to me. and so forth. this was worth waiting for. incidentally, she had to wait a further six months after me for her birthday so that she could get her very own gameboy. nowadays, a six year old gets a smartphone for just waking up and not being a shit for the first ten minutes. “well done little thomas. you ate three whole peas, mummy will buy you that x-box now.”

today it’s raining. i love the rain. therefore, i thought this would be the perfect opportunity to build a Blythe. or should i say, a BARB. i make no secret of how much i love barb from stranger things. she just really speaks to me. i love her sartorial fashion sense. i feel bad for her being forgotten in the upside down. she deserved so much better. if i were to buy my own barb doll complete with clothing and awesome eyewear i would be looking at a substantial amount of spend. so instead, i just collected bits of broken dolls in order to create my own version. this way, she will be personal to me. i am still working on her clothes. i tried to have some ready for this post, but sadly i have been so busy i just haven’t had the time. poor barb. it must be so cold in the upside down. at least i’ve managed to give her underwear. that’s something.

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