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you’re acting weird

i’m not

oh god. you slept with him.

no i didn’t

i think you did

maybe we just kissed and stuff

and stuff

you’re being judgy

if you don’t wanna talk about it fine, but don’t lie

ok, ok

so you did sleep with him

it just happened

you’ve been flirting for months

i know

i can’t believe he would do that

well, he did


so now what?

i don’t know. he’s being a bit weird

well, yeah!

he ignores me in front of people

he feels awkward

i hate it

he won’t leave her y’know

they shouldn’t be together, he doesn’t love her

of course he does, he just fancies you

it’s more than that

dear god, you’re not about to tell me that you have a connection?

but we do

yes. you’re twenty and he’s about to turn forty

nah. we get on so well.

i guess the whole office knows

just some jealous bitches

he’s told his work mates


so watta are you gonna do?

i really want to see him again

you have to be careful, she will find out

i want her to

no. it would be awful

i nearly called her and told her

oh my god. that’s the worst thing you can do

she should know that he loves me

if he loves you why hasn’t he called?

he’s with her

there’s your answer

he’s going to plan a weekend away

i think you should put a stop to this

but why?

you are going to get hurt and so is his wife

i’m fine

you’ll be the one that gets blamed

he’s the one that’s married

i know. but no one ever blames the man

he came onto me y’know

i’m sure he did, but you’ll still be the scarlet woman who led him astray

so unfair

that’s life





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