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stop checking your phone

i’m not

i saw you


he’ll call

it’s been three days

then maybe he won’t

i feel shitty

are you gonna tell me what happened?

i told you

not everything

it was fun


i really liked him

you slept with him

what? no way

you did

we just…

had sex

what’s the big deal?

it was your first date


he thinks you’re easy

no he doesn’t

he’s a jerk

no he’s not

i can’t believe you went out with him


because he’s such a moron

but he’s so cute

cute and moronic

he’s not


you don’t know him

i don’t need to

he’s actually really funny


and caring

oh yeah, a real gent i bet

stop it. you’re wrong

so why hasn’t he called?

maybe he lost his phone


what’s that to mean?


no. just say it

you shouldn’t have slept with him

that’s so archaic and victorian

do you feel empowered?

well… yes…i guess

no you don’t. you feel used.

i do not

you always do this

do what?

sleep with boys too soon

no i don’t

you do

so what?

so. you do it because you feel insecure

that’s not true

yes it is

it’s not

you think if you give it up, they’ll stay

i get a lot of dates, y’know?

i know.

so i must be doing something

guys know you’re easy

stop being a bitch

i’m being honest

you’re being a bitch

i wouldn’t be your friend if i didn’t say

katy thinks it’s awesome

katy wants you to be trash

you don’t know her

she’s poison and not a good friend

you’ve never liked her

no. and that’s why

you’re so judgemental

she’s bad for you

i’m not telling you anything anymore

fine. then don’t

i wont

besides, you’re jealous


yeah. that i hang with the popular gang now

you’re right. i’m beside myself with envy

you think you’re so smart

no i don’t

you do. you look down your nose at everyone

no i don’t

you can’t get a boyfriend…

that’s enough

so you call other girls who can sluts

i never said that about you

i bet you’re thinking it

no. but katy has said that

no she hasn’t

she is two faced and you need to open your eyes

she’s my friend

she is not, she is using you


for your money. your parents big house. your pool.

that’s not true

so all those house parties she threw at your house

so what?

so your house gets trashed…

it was fine

you’re the one that has to clean up…

you’re being dramatic

whatever. it’s your life

it is



can we change the subject?

if you like

wanna watch The Craft?

sure. put it on, i’ll get snacks

thanks for letting me come over


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