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you don’t have to be a good writer to keep a diary, that’s just a myth. here’s another myth: only children keep a diary. wrong again. and the final one, good girls keep a diary, bad girls don’t have the time. a diary is something that is just for you. for your eyes only. it doesn’t have to be perfect. you don’t have to worry about spelling and punctuation. it’s about writing something in your voice. anything can become a story, a poem or a sketch. and that’s another thing, a diary doesn’t have to be written prose, it can be visual. it can be photographs or a video log. i don’t write in my diary religiously, that’s not the point for me. i use it mainly to vent. you can capture your dreams, your observations, ideas. whatever really. think of it like writing a postcard to your best friend. one that he or she will never receive, but you feel as though you’ve lightened the load all the same. a diary doesn’t judge you. no one is going to read it – unless you want them to. if you’re worried about siblings or parents discovering your secrets, then ensure you have a secure hiding space. other than that, just enjoy. so go on. do it now. find an old notebook and get creative. do it for the pure joy of it. i’ve included some of my old entries to get you started. have fun!



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