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i can remember it like it was yesterday. i remember it better than yesterday. i had returned to my hometown after a long summer holiday i had spent with my family in Brazil. naturally, i couldn’t wait to see my best friend to catch up on what i had missed. we were driving around in her mum’s car (her mum was driving, not us – we were far too young, obviously) when suddenly this song came on the radio. “oh my god,” she exclaimed. “it’s this new band, they’re amazing.” she turned it up. “their voices are very high and squeaky,” i observed. “that’s what i like about them.” she defended. but before the end of the song i was already hooked and singing along: “jam on ’cause backstreet’s got it, come on now everybody, we gotta it goin’ on for years… ahhhhhhhh…” as soon as i got home i demanded that my parents buy me this album. i begged and i pleaded. relentlessly i bargained with them and tried every tactic known to teens to get my hands on that album. of course, they did buy it for me. eventually. four months later as a birthday present. my god how i loved them. how i loved their album. they were so good looking (especially nick carter*, who was an absolute dreamboat) and the lyrics were soooooooooooooooooo romantic i could just die.




*i later realised that kevin was in fact the most handsome. but that would take me years of soul searching to discover that i had given my heart to the wrong backstreet boy.


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