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if you wear too much make-up, you’re a hoe. but you can be a slut by not wearing enough make-up. i just watched a documentary called “tricked” on Netflix. one of the pimps was interviewed. “you either sell your pussy or you give it away for free.” because that’s all women are to him, a commodity. he laughed as he described throwing his pregnant whores down the stairs to make them miscarriage, because: ain’t nobody gonna buy damaged goods (his words, not mine).

perhaps an extreme example. but then you take a snap of yourself with a simple filter that puts flowers in your hair and gives you perfect skin and you’re branded a hoe. fyi – if you use the puppy one then you’re a basic bitch.

and so it goes that women are ridiculed and put in their place for enjoying themselves or wanting to make themselves look attractive. but they are also ridiculed and put in their place for not wanting to look attractive. too much effort and you’re doomed, not enough effort and your damned. that’s just the way it goes.

this isn’t really a post, it’s a rant. it just makes me furious.

“oh, im terribly sorry. you seem to have caught me at an awkward moment.”


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