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my best friend. my most intimate relationship. my possession. my jealousy. feelings to an intensity quite like no other. our dreams that we share. our world of endless possibilities. we know no boundaries. anything could happen. anything can happen. “you are me and i am you. we will always be together.” you are more to me than any boy. tightly knit souls. condemned to each other for eternity. you hold me ransom with my secrets that you know. it’s more than love. it’s more than anything. lying on my bed, staring at the ceiling. dreaming out loud. everything is pink clouds and bubblegum. endless hot summers. hazy skies. the two of us stretched out on the carpet. popcorn sprinkled with sugar. hiding under my bed and laughing, tears streaming from our eyes. long afternoons sat crossed leg in front of full-length mirrors. finding our flaws. celebrating our beauty. mother’s makeup strewn across the wooden floor. clothes shared. boys we’ve kissed. girls we hate. this is true love. she is my soul mate. and i am hers. “mine forever. yours forever. friends forever.” swings in the park. funfairs at twilight, fingers sticky from candy-floss and sweets. i love you. i hate you. i’m sorry. friends again? spells at midnight. ghost stories under the covers. innocence lost. first drink. first kiss. first time. you know everything. i know everything. nothing else matters. nothing.

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