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how do i relax and stop worrying?

so recently i have been trying these meditation courses. it’s an app based course so i don’t need to be in an incense, hippy filled room. i am a person who can often find it hard to focus, relax and switch off. i am a natural worrier. i worry about everything. and i don’t just worry. i obsess. i go over things again and again in my mind. what might happen. how i could have done something differently. the veins in my head are constantly throbbing. my muscles are forever tight and knotted like tree roots. it’s a nightmare and it’s exhausting. so i figured, it can’t get any worse – let’s give this whole meditation thing a try.

sometimes it can be the smallest thing that i obsess over. an unfinished cup of tea. the fact that i haven’t posted on my blog for ages. my instagram feed not being uniform. my twitter comments being taken out of context. the quality of my work being rubbish. i get annoyed at myself for not being on top of things. i feel guilty if i sleep in on weekends.

i don’t think that i’m alone in my predicament. no doubt lots of people feel like this.  right now i’m thinking to myself that i should be doing some sewing right now. my cora violet dolls are not going to dress themselves. but then i think. “i’ll have to get my sewing machine out and it’s on a high shelf behind lots of other stuff.” and then i decide that i cannot be bothered. i am my own problem. i know.



  1. I hear you on this! I love your drawings, they give your blog such a sense of uniqueness and creativity- you are very talented! So you really have no need to worry- 🙂 But I know it’s hard! Lately I am like oh no…I really need to comment on other blogs more…but when I stop stressing about it and just go through my reader casually and see what piques my interest I have more fun with it.


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