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a not so modern day imagine

i would like you to imagine a world. imagine a world where black people were the masters and white people were the slaves. what would that world look like? what would the world be like now if that had been our history? all it would have taken was a different evolutionary circumstance. imagine if white people were bought and sold. white people were beaten, raped and humiliated. white people were classed as less than human. white people were discriminated against. white people had to march to earn the vote.

imagine a world where women, throughout history, held the power. only women could pass law. only women could make decisions. women raged wars. women raped and women pillaged. women kidnapped and sold young men into sex slavery. women bought husbands from overseas. women got paid more. women paid men less. women have the choice to work or stay at home. women lurk in dark alleys preying on vulnerable men. impossible to fathom?

here’s another scenario. what about a society where heterosexuality is illegal and frowned upon? you’re forbidden to be with the person you love if that person is a different sex to you. people found disobeying these laws would face prison, clinical castration, electrotherapy, even death. why would that be so impossible?

i know that i am over simplifying. nothing is that simple. or is it? why do these imaginings seem obscene and ridiculous? why are they so hard to believe? is it because these things are horrendous and unacceptable? if these things were happening, do we believe that we would take a stand and stop it? but they are happening. they didn’t just happen and are in the past. we still live in a world where corporations use slave labour. we still do not have equality for women. homosexuality is still illegal in many countries.

now, before everyone gets angry. i know that there were white slaves. i know that there are men being kidnapped and sold as sex slaves. this isn’t based on world stats or facts, it’s just a thought. it’s just something to think about. something to imagine. i always like to think: what if?

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