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are you afraid of the dark?

somewhere out there exists a stat that claims a high proportion of grown ups get married just so they wont have to live alone. “what’s wrong with living alone?” i hear you ask. nothing, of course. unless you’re afraid of the dark.

do i sound crazy? good. i hoped that i would. i am not afraid of the dark…most of the time. i am a practical and scientific person who knows behind every bump in the night there is a logical explanation. except when there isn’t. you sometimes find yourself weighing up the options in those situations – would i prefer this to be a ghost or an axe murderer? it can be a tough one to call. you can call the police on an axe murderer – i doubt there is an emergency number for priests.

there used to be this really great series on nickelodeon called are you afraid of the dark? at the time, it was truly terrifying. when you’re a kid, everything is real and you have ten times the imagination of a grown up. my parents were not aware that i watched it. there was no reason for them to forbid me, it was pretty innocent stuff. i can remember one episode about a gremlin in a camera that left me more frightened then when i watched the shining for the first time.

“would i prefer this to be a ghost or an axe murderer?”

i am currently home alone whilst i write this. aside from the near constant banging that seems to come from my neighbour(s) upstairs – all is well on the western front. the family who live across the hall from me have two screaming children, you would think that they were possessed. perhaps they are. it would be a shame if they were though. although their screaming is loud and distracting, it is a comfort somehow. the guy below me had a new girlfriend for a while, so i could hear all of that. very. very. clearly. i was sort of wishing for the ghost in those moments.

“you can call the police on an axe murderer – i doubt there is an emergency number for priests.”



  1. This happens to me as well, especially when I have to shower and I’m by myself. We live in a stand-alone house, so I don’t get the comfort from hearing other people that you do. I tend to keep music playing on the TV and let my dogs be out and around the house so it’s not as lonely, which helps. I still live with my parents and sister, so it’s pretty rare I’m totally alone – most often it’s me helping take care of her (she’s my twin but is somewhat disabled since we were born very early). The worst thing I do is put my headphones on…it always makes it sound like someone’s calling me or that I’m going to miss hearing something bad happen and lose my window to call the police lol. We have an alarm system, so I arm it when it’s me or just me and my sis.

    I think a ghost would be more reasonable and hopefully less harmful than an axe murderer; serial killers or murderers usually do not have very sound reasoning, if they have any at all. Just a thought. 🙂


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