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lost in a daydream


howdy from vomit town! i have been sick for the past two days. the problem with being sick is that you don’t get to enjoy your time off. it’s not like you can stay at home and enjoy an array of films and things. i have spent my days between the couch and the bathroom. occasionally i lie on the floor – just to shake things up a bit. i have been trying to distract myself from the nausea, but what inevitably happens is that i end up focusing on trying really hard not to be sick. “please don’t throw up. please don’t throw up.” so i have just taken to lying there. eyes open. staring at the ceiling. i allow myself to rhapsodize. nice thoughts to flow in and out of my brain. once again, drawing has been my saving grace. sadly not typing. so this post will be short, you can just enjoy the art.





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