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wishing, wishing, wishing

there is nothing wrong with wishing. someone once told me that there was. “don’t wish, just do it.” but that takes away the fun. wishing and dreaming go hand in hand. running out of dreams and giving up on wishes is like giving up on life. what is there left? what have you got left to desire? i pity the person who has everything. imagine if you got everything you ever dreamed of? everything you wanted just fell into your lap one day? you’d be happy at first, sure. but after a while, you would forget. you would forget how much you wanted it and how hard you were prepared to work. you wouldn’t appreciate it. i wish for so many things. mainly magical powers. i think this would solve a lot of problems. zits. greasy hair. ill fitting jeans. ZAP! all these problems are gone. but then magical powers have consequences. you would grow power hungry. you would forget how to fix your problems without magical powers. you would soon turn into a scary person that some witch hunter would have to kill. what a sad ending to an imaginary life.


i have a stage name. i do! for my oracle readings and mystical pursuits. PEONY LA CROIX. it’s a great name. the internet and my friend G helped me pick it. i definitely wanted a flower in the name – obviously – followed by something seemingly exotic. you would trust PEONY LA CROIX to perform your tarot readings. she wouldn’t let you down. my wishes are simple really. ok. i know that magical powers are not strictly simple. but you know what i mean. that and the freedom to live like a gypsy, i would be happy. or a cosy hobbit hole in the middle of a beautiful snowy mountain. maybe in northern japan. i would be able to watch the cranes from my window. i guess that i’m happy on the whole. of course there are silly little things that i would like. fragrance from byredo (or le labo, i ain’t fussy). a new apple computer would be nice. but i don’t really need these things. my laptop works just fine. it’s not the sexiest of electronics but it lets me log online and blog whenever i want.


i think the temptation to turn irritating people into slugs would be too much to resist. have you ever come across a really rude person and thought to yourself: “i wish i could turn you into an ugly frog. then your face would match your personality.” i know. it’s a very mature reaction to have. but just the thought gives me a warm feeling. imagine how they would react? they would be utterly stunned. in fact. i have often thought that if we could find a way to turn bad guys into butterflies, the world would be a happier place. i wonder how many butterflies there would be? they wouldn’t have the capacity to be bad anymore. they could only be a butterfly and do what butterflies do. originally i thought that we could turn them into rats. but then we would have too many rats. i doubt many people would complain about too many butterflies. how pretty life would look. you see, wishing is good because it requires imagination. this is a good thing. imagination is healthy. people with imagination look at the world differently. they see things others don’t. they are also curious and come up with ideas a lot of people don’t think of. having imagination means that you dream of more for your life. this makes you work hard. this keeps you out of trouble. see. good things.


there once was a girl who always wore a blue ribbon. the ribbon could tell her anything she needed to know. it could take her anywhere in the world that she wanted to go. the girl could take off the blue ribbon at any time. however, the ribbon could never be tied by the wearer it could only be tied by another person. the girl loved her blue ribbon and vowed to never take it off. she sailed through life knowing everything she needed to know and going everywhere she wanted to go. her life was easy and she wanted for nothing. she loved to test the ribbon. she asked it the most obscure questions  and the ribbon would always know.

how does this story end?


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