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what it feels like for a girl

sometimes, being a girl means following certain rules. these rules can be as small as: ‘keep your knees together when you’re wearing a skirt’. always carry a tissue so that you don’t start sniffing in public or wiping your snot on the back of your hand. or, they can have bigger impacts on your life. making sure you find a husband. having babies. these things are laid in front of you and forced upon you from a very early age. they are given to you as wonderful things. they are often presented as choices, but they are far from that. they are absolutely expected of you. you’re taught that you can have it all. the family. the career. the dream house. but all these things come with really hard work and in the end, you’re going to have to make a choice. there are not 37 hours in the day. something has to take a lesser priority. it’s unfair. it’s unfair that you are given so many hopes and dreams. so many tools to build a glittery bridge to the thing you want most in your life only for it to be taken away. or worse. you’re the one who has to decide to destroy the bridge.


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