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the year of the anti-hero

some days i sit and think about all the things that i would do if i had super powers. how would i make the world better? where would i start? what powers would i have? 2016 is the year of the superhero. actually, no. correction. this year is the year of the anti-hero. jessica jones is a moody private eye with a drinking problem. suicide squad are a bunch of murdering miscreants with a mission. and deadpool is … well, deadpool. there is something appealing about the flawed hero. the fact that they too have a dark side. it begs the question, are heroes born or made? some heroes and villains are born with special powers. some acquire power as the result of a freak accident – these tend to be my favourites. i guess a hero who is born with abilities is not as appealing to me. they had very little say in the matter. they were just born that way. a freak accident implies that it could happen to anyone and that gives me hope. of course, it all comes down to what they decide to do. ultimately, a person with powers could decide to go bad. they could decide to do nothing at all. not everyone would use their powers for good. but what do we define as ‘good’? going after a serial killer and killing him? this act may come from a desire to do good but you’re still killing someone, which is bad.

mermaid girl

mermaid girl

so what powers would i have? it’s tricky. if i could pick only one i think it would have to be flying. but then, flying is not that useful on its own. it would make getting around a whole lot easier. but not much use for defeating bad guys. it would need to come with something else, like super strength. telekinesis would be another top choice. if i could also become powerful enough to lift myself, then i wouldn’t need the flying power.  i could throw bad guys about and then make ropes fly through the air to tie them up. mind control would be useful – and COOL. i would jedi the hell out of everyone. there’s invisibility which gives you access all areas. super strength we’ve already mentioned. then there are the more niche abilities, usually these are the ones aided by science experiments. think spider-man and ant-man. when you ask this question – about being a superhero –  a lot of people know exactly which power they would choose. this leads me to believe that i am not the only human being who dreams about this. everyone wants some form of ability. even if it’s to make their life a bit easier.





teen witch


i would love to be able to talk to animals. not only would this be fun and enlightening, it would be a useful power. animals that can be your eyes and ears. they can help you out of a tight spot. being able to survive under water as well, like a mermaid. then you could swim the world and not have to worry about border control. i would have to ensure that i was a super fast mermaid, otherwise i wouldn’t be able to swim away from sharks and other carnivorous beings. costumes are also an important thing to consider. they need to be practical but distinctive and memorable. there would be nothing worse than someone taking a look at your costume and saying: “who are you supposed to be?” or worse. taking one look at you and then forgetting you instantly.


butterfly girl

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