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girl of my dreams


there are days when i could just sit and draw for hours and hours on end. i spent the entire weekend just sketching and doodling. nothing in particular. no purpose to it either. the freedom to draw is so relaxing. when it gets to the end of the weekend i just think – why? why did it have to be over so soon? come back. let it be saturday once more. those precious hours that are all your own. mondays are for coffee and wishing you were still in bed. that awful sound of the alarm at 7am. the sinking feeling when you realise that it’s not sunday. the hope that something happened over night – horrific blizzard, hurricane winds – resulting in absolutely no possibility of leaving the house that day. stay in bed for another hour. ease into your day. is there anything more wonderful than school closure? a genuine excuse not to hand in your homework? wouldn’t it be wonderful if we only worked for two days and had five days off? dare we dream? sigh. dream on i guess…






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