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the doll maker’s epic journey


ok. i am ready to runaway and become a doll maker. i’m sure that i could survive on this. i would probably buy a 1963 airstream globetrotter to live in. that way, i could travel around and be a free spirit. if money started to grow tight, i could do oracle readings for people. i would take my bunnies with me, they would keep me company. i would also get a big wolf like dog for security. you never know what unsavoury parts of the world you could end up in. i would train him or her not to scare or eat my bunnies. he or she would know to protect them. packing would be hard. i’m not sure how much stuff those trailers can hold. and i would need space for a day bed or something to sleep in. i would have comfy cushions on this and cosy hand made knitted blankets. i would need a desk – just a small one – for writing and drawing. i’m not sure what i would do about the bathroom situation, but as this is a fantasy, let’s pretend that isn’t important. i would definitely take my typewriter. i would also buy an old record player – it would fit the era of the trailer. it would be sensible to take my sewing machine as well. if i’m living on the road, i will need to make do and mend as much as possible. then there would be the materials for my doll making. this can take up space. i suppose i could reduce it down and only replace materials as and when i use them. my cameras would have to come, only my favourites. i would also not leave without my super 8. the books would be difficult – they couldn’t all come with me, far too many.


i would start my journey by taking a boat to denmark. from here i would take the bridge into sweden and through the rest of scandanavia. maybe i would venture into russia and have many adventures with border control. somehow, i would like to try and go via greenland to canada. the vast quantity of sea might cause a problem. but if i did it whilst it was winter, i could  go via the north pole and use the ice that joins everything up as a road. then i could drive from the top of canada, all the way down through america into south america and ending up at the south pole. this journey would take years, maybe my whole life. people would come to listen to the stories about my adventures. they would buy my dolls and ask for readings. i would only need enough money for fuel and food. there are no bills when you live on the road.


i wouldn’t take too many clothes – only essentials. as a lot of my journey is going to be driving through icy terrains, a chunky knit jumper would be sensible. i would only take one coat. a pair of shoes for winter and one for summer. i would throw in my snow boots. one pair of shorts for hot weather. pyjamas. and also a onesie for the days when i just want to hide in my trailer listening to music and reading. i am already excited by this plan. it sounds romantic. it feels exciting.

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