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The perfect body, living dolls and self portrait 

everyone wants to be perfect. everyone sees themselves in a certain way. everyone has an image in their head of how they want to be seen. i made Cara (my amigurumi doll), in some ways, as a reflection of me. it’s the better physical version of myself. i also like to draw a warped version of my reality. everything is exaggerated, everything is surreal – but it’s ok because it’s my alternate reality. it’s ok guys. i know that i cannot achieve this in real life. it’s fine. i’m fine. girls are always taught that they have to look like a doll in order to be perfect. they have to act like a lady and keep their mouth shut. thin to win. pretty and sweet, pretty and sweet, pretty and sweet. “oh, she’s so agreeable.” is anyone else just fed up of having values shoved down their throats? i know i am! i either have to fight for the right to be equal and smart or i have to destroy my internal organs in order to achieve physical perfection. can i just be? just for a moment – i don’t want to think about it. i want to know what it feels like not to worry about these things. not to care how the world sees me. you’re either too pretty to be taken seriously, or not well turned out enough to get your foot through the door. be smart, but not too smart. seesh. just let me be in peace.  is this how Barbie feels? everyone just criticizing and talking about her body as if it’s theirs to control? isn’t this just life for every single female who has ever been gawked at? Barbie, you can change as much as you like. you’ll never get everyone to like you.




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