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i cannot promise anything


and i cannot guarantee…

i understand

there is definitely something

you can feel it?

oh yes

it’s been so…

i know, i know

do you know…

i can only guess

we looked at the history…

that isn’t always helpful

we didn’t find…

it depends on what it is

and you’re not sure

it’s growing


in power

oh my goodness

you must try and stay calm

i know, but i…

i know it’s hard

it is

but these things feed

they feed?

yes. off negative energy. impulses

but it’s so…

the more afraid you are

which i am

the worse it will get

can you help us?

i’m not sure

oh … dear
…dear me

these things are not always so

please help us

i will do what i can

we’re so…

you must not be frightened

that’s not possible

tell me what has been happening


in your own words

it started with small things…

go on

things going missing

what things

my keys, i left them – i thought i…

it’s ok, it’s ok

i always leave them on the counter


and i kept finding them
they moved
had been moved

moved where

on the floor
in cupboards

go on

the lights

what about them

i’d come home and they would all
be on

you hadn’t left them on

no. never. the bills…

ok. ok. anything else

the stove. it would…


it would turn on, by itself

you have a gas stove


would it be lit

no. just the gas…

this happens a lot

it did

it’s stopped?

we had a safety mechanism fitted
if the gas is left on for a certain…

yes, i know. it switches off


but since having that installed…


is there anything else

the TV. i find it on, it wakes me…

it comes on in the night

yes. just static

any noises?

banging. running

you can actually hear running

yes. up and down

and banging you said?

on the ceiling. upstairs…

who lives there?

no one. i thought someone did, but…

you found out the place has been empty

yes. no one has ever lived upstairs

have you ever experienced this before

i don’t … i don’t know

why do you say that?

in my old house, i found…


i found an old recording … of me

a video?

no, no. just my voice – it was my father’s…

ok. and what do you hear?

it’s crackling, it’s very old
you can hear me, i’m just talking, laughing
i’m with my mother
maybe some friends


but there is another…
another sound

a hissing, or crackle?

no. another …
another voice
it’s in another language
there’s also a second sound
grunting, like an animal

you’re sure?

no. no, of course i’m not sure…
it’s just…

it’s ok, it’s ok.
do you have this recording?

yes. i do. i dug it out…

i would very much like to take it away

what for?

i have special equipment
to analyse it properly

alright. i’ll get it

you said the incidents started small


so have they been escalating?


can you tell me about it?

this is why i called you

tell me everything

the banging, it got louder
and louder

and then…


i heard a …

coming from where?

i don’t know
it was right next to my ear

were you alone?

yes, other than…

did it call your name?

how did you know?

what else

my dreams
well, nightmares

can you remember them?

never. i only know…

that you felt frightened


what else?

my paintings…

on the walls?

they keep being inverted

you mean, hung upside down?

yes. I feel like i’m going…

you are not crazy

i saw … 

you saw something?

i don’t know

what did you see

a shape
a figure

what of

shadowy, maybe hooded
and maybe another
something bigger

you’ve seen it once


more than once

so many times…


in that doorway
reflections in windows

ok. you must listen to me…

thud, thud, thud. BANG!

oh god

remain calm

it’s back

thud, thud, thud, thud, thud. BANG!

it wants to frighten you



no, no
it wants to frighten…


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