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stand there.



must i?


but i really hate…

come on now

you know i don’t like seeing myself

you’re mad, beautiful as you are

you’re manipulating me

of course i am

how about here?

too dark

that was the appeal

now stop it

why don’t i take one of you then?

you’re being childish

i just don’t see why i have to…

quiet now

how long will this take

as long as it takes

how many shots do you need

as many as i need

oh really, now who’s being childish



are you going to be much longer?

just setting up

bit of a mission, isn’t it

you mustn’t rush perfection

you’ll never get perfection with me as a subject

nonsense – you’re exquisite

do i get to keep any of them?

as many as you like

i’ll be lucky if i find one image…

you’ll have too many to choose, i promise

miracle worker, are you?

i’ve been called it before

i don’t think Jesus himself could perform that sort of miracle

don’t be so damning

i’m just being honest

you’re too self-critical

realistic more like

ok, now sit still

goodness, finally ready?

let’s take a few test shots












we’ll have to wait and see

then why take test shots at all?

to relax you


we’ll probably have to take a few more…

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