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darling? is that you?

yes! oh, how wonderful to hear your voice.

you too

i have been so worried, i…

i know, but i haven’t got long…

oh even a moment is better than…

how have you been?

oh just fine, missing you

and the children

missing you terribly

give them a hug from me

i will, i will – if only they were…

i received your letter

it arrived? i was convinced it would have…

it did, it has kept me going

i’m so pleased

please write more, it’s such a comfort

oh darling, is it truly awful?

as you would expect

any news of you coming home?

not yet my love, but soon, quite soon

i miss you so

and i you

there is so much i want to tell you, but where to start…

and i you my darling, but i really must go

so soon?

there are others who wish to make calls

of course, but i so want to be selfish right now

and i wish we could

do you think you will have another chance to…

it’s hard to say, but you know if i get the chance…

i know, i know – i just miss you

give a kiss to the children

they’ll be sad to have missed you

it’s probably for the best they did, i don’t think i could…

i know, i know. they’ll understand.

i love you

i love you too

pray for my return

every night

good bye my love


(line goes dead)

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