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this way?



i don’t think it matters.

i don’t want to get lost.

too late.

oh dear.

never mind, consider it an adventure.

we’re never too far from civilisation.

no, no. of course not.

with any luck, we’ll stumble across a cosy pub.

that would be delightful.

i could murder a hot meal right now.

and a glass of wine.

how long have we been walking?

too long.

it feels like hours.

do you think they’ll send a search party?

how long will it take for someone to notice we’re missing?

the thought is a depressing one.

i’m starting to forget why we set out in the first place.

looking for clues.

the missing children?

it’s been bothering me ever since i read about it.

but we surely won’t find anything, it was so long ago.

i don’t know what i’m looking for.

the police never found anything.

but the resources weren’t what they are now.

i guess it’s classed under cold cases…

in a dusty file somewhere.

when did you first learn about it?

quite by accident. i was researching in the library

how many were there?

they believe 17 – but that’s only locally reported missing persons

so it could be more?

depends on who was doing it.

but why here?

they found – things –  on a few separate occasions.



oh god, not…


how awful.


from the missing children?

it would be a huge coincidence otherwise.


are you ok?

just feeling a bit spooked.

forest closing in?

terrifying if what you said happened is true.

isolation. helps with control over…

stop it.

you didn’t have to come.

i know. i just couldn’t resist the mystery.

a chance for adventure.

uncovering the truth at last.



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