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what are you grinning about?

i know something

you always know something.

it’s about you

is it really.

oh don’t tease, tell me

i really don’t know what you mean.

last night

what about it.

it happened, didn’t it?

oh, really.

I can tell you know

how can you possible tell?

everything. your look. your walk

now stop it.

so. was it marvellous?

i refuse to divulge.

oh, spoil sport

besides. a little bird tells me you had a much better time

ha! as if.

no? what happened?

what didn’t happen.

that bad?

i suppose it’s to be expected.

not what we thought?

not at all.

pity. such potential

onwards & upwards.

and Tonight?

the Lawyer.

sounds promising

a bit of a snore.

cash rich?

and Time Poor.

sounds ideal

all the gifts without the effort.

he’s keen?


and you find that off-putting?

well, you know me.

I do indeed

come on then, back to you

there is nothing to tell.

there is everything to tell

(waiter comes over)

i’ll have a cappuccino

i’ll have the same

and a croissant

yes, me too

so then

same time tomorrow?

i’ll tell you nothing.

oh, spoil sport.



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