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it needs more light.

i get you lamp

no, no – light. sunlight. window.

this is problem

not really. i’ll take it.

not too small?


we give good price

yes, that’s fine.


it’s ok.

Ah! good. is done

is there no paperwork?

excuse Madame?

something for me to sign, documents?

no, no. I think fine.

so can i pay you by the week or is it month?

you pay how like.

the week then

week is good.

can i give you money now?

you take now.

i mean, to hold the room


reserve room. for me

yes. room is for you.

ok. here’s a down payment, two weeks worth

yes. yes. is good.

i will be back tomorrow


with my things

is good.

perhaps it can be cleaned?

is clean.

very well. and a key

yes. key. please wait.
here is key.

thank you

you need cleaner?

i can clean

i know nice lady.

i will be ok

she safe. trust.

perhaps she can come today?

i arrange. you pay later.

thank you

is pleasure.

i suppose that’s everything

and you will live with husband?

no. just me

you live alone.

i will do

you live alone now.


is ok. do not need question.

you’re very kind.

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