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why can’t i have one?


what’s it for?


you have a computer

it’s not the same

why on earth not?

it’s not as romantic

i am not convinced

it’s not like they’re pricey

that’s not the point

then what is?

you want it for the sake of having it

no i don’t

yes you do

i find them inspiring

good writing doesn’t come from the tools

i like the sound

not good enough

the ink on the paper

just use a special font…

courier new does not quite cut it

i don’t understand

you never will

how does this change things?

it’s more enjoyable

what about typos?

i’ll correct them

how? rewrite everything?

if i have to

there’s a better use of your time…

that’s my problem

then what?

then nothing

so we’ll have typed things lying around…

obviously not

then what?

i’ll get them published


online. on a blog.

how will you get them online?

i’ll scan them

so you go to all the effort of typing…

you don’t understand

you’re being impractical

art is not supposed to be practical 

and you intend to make a living?

i intend to do what i enjoy

and that’s typing?

why does this concern you?

it’s my money

which you owe me

for what?

you know what

i am not facilitating this!

that’s not up to you

it’s a waste

you’d think i was buying drugs


so you wont help?

it’s not like that

it feels like that

i’m happy to give you the money


i just think there are better…

thanks, i’ll have it now then





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