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shall we play a game?


because it’s fun

yes, it will be amusing

for now…

until it clears up a bit at least

i’ll watch

oh don’t be soft

yes come on

what shall it be then?

how about…



i’ll tell you


oh my goodness that’s so much fun


i’ll start

no me

well somebody start, please

it has to start…

with a secret

a big secret?

a juicy one

i couldn’t

go on


oh don’t be silly

just tell me

yes go on

whisper it

i said no

oh it can’t be that…

it is

how bad?


go on

oh alright

(whispers it)

is this a joke?

(someone laughs)

i didn’t want to play this

so why did you?

you told me to

of course, that gun

that we held to your head

poor little thing

i’m leaving

(more laughter)

if that’s how you’re going to…

alright, alright

yes, enough is enough

we’re sorry

very sorry

will you have another?

i shouldn’t

not supposed to?

oh dear, let’s not worry about not supposed to

i never do

not now anyway

not after…

we’ll never tell, in case…

in case you’re worried

i’m not

you’re not?

then why the big…

it’s just…



what then?

nothing. drop it

alright, alright

i’m bored of it anyway

we’ve all done…

not that bad

surely not

well, everyone has

nothing like that

(long silence)

so, what shall we play now?

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