D R E A M Y & W H I M S I C A L


Like pages from my diary, only neater…

i like the idea of floating away. of lying down on the earth, my body taking root in the ground. when I was a child i read Peter Pan and it changed my life. the idea of flying to another world and truly escaping it all. it feels like planet earth is currently in a really bad place and it’s making a lot of us feel overwhelmed. intolerance is abundant. fear and hatred are encouraged. how are we supposed to survive? are we supposed to wake up, walk out of our homes and just get on with it? it makes me want to scream. dreams and imagination are what wrap around the world and make it better. being one with nature, graceful in age, humble and kind towards others.


forever thirteen
as an angsty teen, i used to write a lot of poetry (i still do). i also kept several diaries (i still do). friends would come and friends would go. then they’d come back. best friends one day, enemies another. the days would float like clouds. in my memory, it was always summertime. hazy mists of pollen and golden rays. lying on the grass, gazing up at the blue sky and sunshine. faded photographs and Polaroid cameras. swings at lunchtime. whispers behind cupped hands. gentle breezes blowing through colourful ribbons in our hair. secrets told, secrets spilled. evil stares in the lunchroom. that was thirteen. that was life.

I started this blog six years ago. It quickly turned into a scrapbook of poems, short stories, drawings and photographs. Since then I have (hopefully) evolved, so I have gone back to the beginning and started from scratch. I should probably clarify that I am not a professional artist or writer or poet. So if you have stumbled across my page, either from a misguided search or if it was indeed intentional, I imagine myself offering you a cup of tea and a squishy armchair by the fire.

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